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Fish delivery from local fisherman
Fish delivery from
local fisherman

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Bunaken Cha Cha

Bunaken Island
Manado 95000
North Sulawesi


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Manado Bunaken National Marine Park, Indonesia

Local food


Rich & complex, Indonesian cuisine is a blend of many cultures originating from all corners of the globe. Nature and history have contributed to give Indonesia a cuisine as varied and highly seasoned as its thousands of islands. Dutch, Spain, Portuguese, Middle eastern and British influence can be seen in much of the present day food, while geographical proximity with South East Asia has also had an intricate connection with Indonesian food.

Dining with stunning sea view

Dinning area
Dining Area
Dinner Time
Enjoy your dinner!

Dining area of Cha Cha is located on the tip of seashore, this area offers 200 degree views of the surrounding sea and outlying islands

Sitting at your table on Cha Cha verandah, your will experiment Reiko and Chef's creative recipes which have conspired to add up to a world of pleasure for the culinary adventurer. Chart Cha Cha cuisine and you can chart its history: the ingenious cook has adopted and used new tools, techniques and ingredients to dazzle our mouth and let us ache for just another bite!

Since early in the morning, before your another relax day starts, the menu is set but with such a variety to suit everyone and guests with special requirements can be catered for by prior arrangement.

Beach BBQ is also available on Cha Cha's private beach once a week.
(weather conditons permitting)





New Bar at Cha Cha The New Cha Cha Bar, now offers refreshments, local beers, selection of wines and spirits.

NespressoNot to forget the "only" true espresso in North Sulawesi.


Close 10:30pm

Afternoon Tea

Enjoy "Afternoon Tea" at Cha Cha with traditional local snacks and sweets.

Afternoon Tea Time 3:30pm - 4:30pm

local sweets
"Ondeh Ondeh"
Palm suger wrapped rice cake topped with coconut flakes.