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Internet Price Manado Bunaken National Marine Park, Indonesia

GrouperFor Divers
Thought of diving in to sheer bliss?
Then think no more, Bunaken National Marine Park Manado with its pristine reefs, kaleidoscope of colours and unequalled abundance of marine life will remain with you, beckoning you to return time and time again.

Whether your preference is wall dives, drift dives, night dives, muck diving, critter diving; whether you are an underwater photographer in search of the elusive pygmy sea horse, a fan of big fish; Rays, Sharks, Barracuda, Napoleons, Turtles or just enjoy diving in general, then you will not be disappointed with what you will experience here.

Bunaken, AnemonefishBunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort is proud to offer its guests its own privately run in house PADI affiliated diving centreR 6704, with multilingual dive instructors and dive guides whose diving experience in these waters exceed a combined 22,000 dives; whether you are a pro or a novice, our diving style will be tailored to suit your needs and dive groups are kept small so you can fully benefit from our guides experience during the dives.

NudibranchNot a diver yet?
Well this is your chance to get started
and where better place.

A full range of PADI COURSES are available from Junior Open Water Certification for youngsters all the way to Divemaster for those adults that wish to take the first step to go pro.

Bunaken Wall DivingWe are a "non diver friendly resort" and thus our diving schedule has been tailored to suit also those who have non diving companions and/or family members, allowing us to offer the ultimate compromise for diver and non diver....some time together.

Diver Required

Diver required to bring

・Diving Certification Card
・Log Book

The PADI Scuba Review Course

All divers that have not dived within the last six months are required by PADI to complete a Refresher course conducted by an instructor before they are allowed to dive within a dive group.

If you have not dived within the last six months please mention this in your booking so that we can arrange for the course to be done on your arrival.

Refresher Dive US$ 75.00

Daily Diving Schedule

07.30 Breakfast

08.15 Dive boat departure for two morning dives

12.30 Dive boat returns to Cha Cha for lunch

15.00 Dive boat departs for 3rd day dive (optional)

17.45 Dive boat departs for night dive (optional)

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