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Bunaken National Marine Park ranks amongst the best snorkeling destinations in the world. Here you have a rare combination of marine bio-diversity
and crystal clear water with visibility up to 40 metes. Naturally, the first tourists to Bunaken were keen divers on the look out for a new destination.
Nowadays Snorkelers from all over the world are traveling to Bunaken to see what all the "Fuss" is about.
Once here the call of the ocean becomes irresistible.

coral reaf
scorpion fish
meet dolphines

Snorkeling Areas 🌺
What else can be the best areas for Snorkeling other than the reefs!
And Bunaken Island is Surrounded by reefs that are more or less easily accessible from the beaches.
At Bunaken Cha Cha we have our own "House Reef" just meters away, in front of our private 60 meter wide beach, we also provide a snorkeling pontoon, a pontoon that floats atop of the reef so that should you get a little tired you can have a rest on it without having to come back to the beach, a good place to get a close up view of dolphins passing by, and then........time for a bit more snorkeling.

Cha Cha "House Reef"
is home to 100s of different hard and soft corals and 100s of different types of reef fish not to mention all the other marine creatures such as nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, sea cucumbers etc.
Looking for bigger fish? move slightly away from the Reef Top and you come to "The Wall", a virtual drop off and here you have the opportunity to see barracudas, tunas, eagle rays, turtles, schooling spanish mackerel , white and black tip reef sharks and of course there are also some surprises
from time to time such as Dugongs.

Need a change of Snorkeling Scenery?
Why not join one of our dive boats for a 4 hour morning snorkeling trip, here you will have the opportunity of viewing the islands around the park, maybe even dolphin watching while we transfer you to two different snorkeling spots, many times giving you the possibility of experiencing snorkeling at other islands within the Park.

You want flexibility?
You can charter one of our Snorkeling boats for 4 hours with a capacity of 6 guests, our snorkeling boat allows you the flexibility to try even more snorkeling points and not have to share a boat with divers.

Don't worry about the Equipment
Bunaken Cha Cha has all the equipment required for snorkeling, thus should you not bring your own you can easily hire it from us.
Masks, snorkel, booties, fins, wet-suits and even life vests or buoyancy aids.

Snorkeling tips


Choose a snorkel that fits easily in to your mouth, and a mask that fits snugly.
Test this by putting it to your face without using the strap and breathe in through the nose. If it fits properly it will not fall off, even when you lean forward.


Choose a pair of booties & fins that fit your feet comfortably.


Wear a t-shirt/rash guard or wet-suit to protect yourself from the sun and a waterproof sunscreen on exposed areas of your skin such as the neck and the back of your knees.

Bunaken Coral reefAsk a member of staff for our "Snorkeling at Cha Cha Guidelines", indispensable information related to sites, how to enter and exit the water without damaging the fragile corals and more tips and tricks to help you enjoy and be more comfortable.

We require all snorkelers to wear booties and use fins, booties will make walking to the snorkeling point more comfortable and fins will help you swim should there be any currents.

And finally, do not walk or step on the corals, they are not stones they are alive and take seconds to damage but many many years to recover.
Be a conscientious Snorkeler.

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